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METALENERGY specialises in the management and execution of projects in the fields of industry, energy, shipping and Oil & Gas. It is a solution to your turnkey projects (EPC: Engineering Procurement and Construction).


Our head office is located in the heart of the Saint-Nazaire basin and is the result of the takeover of NAVTIS Pays de Loire (France). We also have an office in Lorient and in Brest.

The company was built around the shipbuilding industry: locksmithing, boiler making, piping, welding, mechanics, electricity and instrumentation and, because of the demands of its clients, has been able to develop real added value in the industrial performance of all its projects.

With a workforce of over 160 people, MetalEnergy has various specialities in design, project management, prefabrication, assembly and commissioning.

The company is divided into two major divisions, “Metalwork & Electrical” and “Boilermaking & Mechanical”, with autonomous and different teams, from project management to workers. All of the supervisors are METALENERGY “own-account” profiles.

METALENERGY is based on 4 strong values: Safety, Cohesion, Innovation and Dynamism. These values inspire each project carried out by our teams and allow us to provide Quality of Service in different sectors of activity with different levels of requirements.

METALENERGY teams have a very low turnover rate, which allows them to capitalize on the skills and experience acquired over the last 20 years.

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tuyauterie et chaudronnerie



Positioned as a true integrator, METALENERGY develops and designs turnkey solutions around mechanical, climatic, energy and process engineering projects (general installation) as a package builder.

METALENERGY is involved in various fields and can provide its clients with innovation and responsiveness.

In permanent research on innovation around its knowledge of the state of the art and also through the experience acquired, our teams are able to intervene both at our customers’ premises and in our offices and to provide a real technical added value to our principals.

Intervening at different levels and, if necessary, on the entire value chain, METALENERGY can accompany you from the pre-project phases to on-site commissioning.

As a true partner guaranteeing strong technical experience and reliability, our teams know how to stand out on complex projects with high added value.


METALENERGY has the capacity to take charge of the execution phases of the work up to the acceptance of the installations.

Our Construction teams know how to mobilise throughout France with a high level of preparation of the activities to be carried out.


We also handle industrial maintenance. This maintenance team can intervene during technical shutdowns of power plants, electrical substations or LNG terminals.



Tuyauterie et Chaudronnerie


Piping & Boiler making :

Our company has a strong experience in piping, from design, prefabrication, installation to testing. The management of our teams enables us to meet our customers’ requirements in terms of cost, quality and lead time. This experience covers all materials: heat-sealable plastic, carbon steel, stainless steel or others.

METALENERGY is able to work on all fluid networks, whether or not they are categorised in accordance with PED 14/68/EU, with the supply of quality monitoring and intervention files.

Boilermaking and piping skills allow us to work on new installations or maintenance of existing installations with PED 14/68/EU certification.

Locksmithing & Electricity :

With several decades of experience in the installation of fire doors, we have been able to capitalise on our experience in order to guarantee the quality of our services.

With an experience of twenty years in the naval field, the company is specialised in all types of locksmithing and on all the ships built in the Atlantic shipyards.

In the electrical field, we operate in the maintenance and repair of electrical installations in industry. Our teams are available for interventions on low voltage lines, lighting networks, telephone or computer networks or even to automate installations.

In addition, our employees take care of cabling and terminal work on ships.

We are also specialists in marine plug connections.


We can ensure the complete control of mechanical interventions: from the study phase, preparation, planning of tasks and means, execution and operational management, quality/safety management, up to the assistance to the start-up.