The MetalEnergy Group

The company METALENERGY is specialises in the management and execution of projects in the fields of industry, energy, shipping and Oil & Gas.

It is a solution to your turnkey projects (EPC: Engineering Procurement and Construction).

Our head office is located in the heart of the Nazaire basin and is the result of the takeover of NAVTIS Pays de Loire. We also have an office in Lorient and an agency in Brest.

The company was built around the shipbuilding industry: locksmithing, boiler making, piping, welding, mechanics, electricity and instrumentation and, because of the demands of its clients, has been able to develop real added value in the industrial performance of all its projects.

With a workforce of over 160 people, MetalEnergy has various specialities in design, project management, prefabrication, assembly and commissioning.

The company is divided into two major divisions, “Metalwork & Electrical” and “Boilermaking & Mechanical”, with autonomous and different teams, from project management to workers. All of the supervisors are METALENERGY “own-account” profiles.

METALENERGY is based on 4 strong values: Safety, Cohesion, Innovation and Dynamism. These values inspire each project carried out by our teams and allow us to provide Quality of Service in different sectors of activity with different levels of requirements.

METALENERGY teams have a very low turnover rate, which allows them to capitalize on the skills and experience acquired over the last 20 years.